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Jiu Jitsu Training Services

Training Programs

The services offered by J.T. include set programs that focus on a specific set of skills or certain situations that necessitate the use of jiu jitsu (or some form of martial art) or just general training that spans an unset amount of time.

Set programs include 10-week men’s and women’s “Intro to Jiu Jitsu” programs, 6-week “Women’s Self-Defense Primer” programs, 6-week kids “Jiu Jitsu for Sports” programs, and custom programs that fit a time frame and specific set of goals set forth by you, the client.

General training programs can be once, twice, or three times a week. These general jiu jitsu training programs start with an introduction to jiu jitsu and then build on that knowledge with practical application during the training sessions. If you have experience in jiu jitsu then J.T. can help you continue where you left off or possibly just be there to “roll” with you and prep you for an upcoming tournament…you are the boss, so contact J.T. if you have an idea in relation to training jiu jitsu.

Training Activities

Picture of trainer with a 4 year old girl on wrestling mat

Toddler – 6 years old

Activities include stretching, dynamic movement, and confidence building games.

J.T. training with 7-12 years old age group

7 – 12 years old

Sport-specific stretching and fitness, confidence building activities, and martial arts/self-defense.

13 – Adult

Sport-specific stretching and fitness, martial arts/self-defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is “mobile training”

Mobile jiu jitsu training is simply one thing: J.T. pulls into your driveway in his vehicle, unloads his wrestling mats, sets up a canopy and trains you in the martial art of jiu jitsu in the comfort of your own home.

Is J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu insured?

Yes, J.T., owner and principle trainer of J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu is fully insured to train people of all ages at their home the martial art of jiu jitsu.

What’s the difference between J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu mobile training and the gyms around my town?

The most significant difference between J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu mobile training and the gyms around your town is J.T. brings the mats to your house and trains you there…in your comfort zone. The self defense you learn and confidence you gain training with J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu Vancouver, WA is better because it is in the comfort of your own home.

How many years has J.T. been training in jiu jitsu?

J.T. has been training jiu jitsu for 15+ years and brings that knowledge to each and every client.

Does J.T. train anywhere else besides people’s houses?

Absolutely. J.T. will train in parks, garages, community centers, expo centers…you name it, he can be there. Your place of business, your organization, wherever it works for you as an individual or your business.

Will J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu train my employees at my business?

Yes. J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu is insured and has the necessary equipment to train your employees in jiu jitsu at your business.

Will J.T. train my homeschool group?

Yes. Homeschoolers need physical activity and jiu jitsu is a perfect solution. J.T. will show up at your place and train up to 10 kids at once. A perfect solution!