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Learn jiu jitsu with a

Mobile Martial Arts Trainer

J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu Vancouver WA Explained:

This is a jiu jitsu training company. We travel to your house, your business, or your organization and train people in the martial art of jiu jitsu. To become involved go to our Contact Page and fill out the form, J.T. will be in contact with you or your organization soon.

If a phone call is more appropriate/effective then you can Call J.T. now (8am – 8pm Mon – Sun).

The Benefits of Training Jiu Jitsu

The benefits of training in the martial art of jiu jitsu transcends the mats you train on.

  • The confidence you find on your journey will transfer to other areas of life as well. You will find that those challenges that baffled you in the past will be simple stepping stones, an opponent to “tap out” in a sense.

The destination is well worth the journey.

Give it a shot

J.T.’s long-time clients find that the mobile training provided by J.T. is training for them for a successful and rewarding life.

More of a visual person? Check out J.T.’s Jiu Jitsu on YouTube